Pureed chick pea with tahini, lemon juice and olive oil. $4.95


Zesty Eggplant dip with Tahini, garlic, Lemon juice and olive oil. $4.95


Cream yogurt, sprinkled with olive Oil and mint. $4.95

~~Lebanese Lebnee~~

Cream yogurt, sprinkled with olive Oil and mint. WITH GARLIC $5.95

~~Persian Egg plant~~

Oven roasted eggplant, blended with Tomatoes, Garlic and eggs. $4.95

~~Fool Mudammas~~

Fava beans marinated with garlic, lemon juice Herbs topped with olive oil. $4.95


Fried patties of chick peas mixed with coriander And other spices, served with Tahini sauce. $4.95

~~Dolmas/Grape Leaves~~

Tender grape leaves, rice, scallion, tomato Parsley and, spices. $4.95


A ground lean mixture of beef and lamb, onion, Parsley, Tomatoes, blanketed between Pita bread and grilled to crisp. $4.95

~~Lebanese Kibbeh~~

Freshly ground sirloin mixed with cracked wheat and special Spices Stuffed with onion and beef tips. $6.95

~~Beef Sambosek~~

Tender Beef mixed with onion simmered in palmegrant Sauce wrapped in crispy roll. $4.95

~~Cheese Sambosek~~

Chunks of Feta cheese mixed with onion, and, bell pepper Blended with mint and olive oil wrapped in a crispy roll. $4.95


Traditional Greek Spinach with Feta cheese Pie. $5.95

~~Chicken Wings~~

Jumbo Wings Toseed in Lebanese garlic sauce or original hot sauce. $6.95