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~~Greek Salad~~

Feta Cheese, Dolmas, tomatoes, Lettuce, onion, Kalamata olives, bell pepper, peperchini pepper, cucumber, sprinkled with mint and olive oil. $5.95

Toped with Chicken or Gyros add $3.00


~~Fettoush Salad~~

An original Lebanese delicacy, Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, Onions, bell pepper, and fresh parsley in a dressing of lemon Juice and olive oil, tossed with seasoned pita bread croutons. $4.95

Toped with Chicken $4.00


~~Tabbouleh Salad~~

Finely minced fresh Parsley, cracked wheat, onion, diced Tomatoes, blended with mint, Lemon juice, and olive oil. $4.50



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