Served with salad and Basmati rice unless noted otherwise



*1. Kobeideh    GF



Two skewers of ground lean mixture of beef lamb, onion, and fresh tomato






*4. Beef Shish Kabob  GF



Two skewers of tender marinated beef, tomato, bell peppers, and onions






*4a. Lebanese Beef Shish Kabob  



Two skewers of tender marinated beef served with hummus and tabbouleh






5. Ghorme Sabzi  GF



Pieces of beef cooked in chopped green onions, leeks, parsley, spinach, dried lime, kidney beans  






6. Ghaime  Bamia (Stew) GF



Pieces of beef cooked in split peas and dried lime, okra mixed with our own blend of spices






Abgosht (Stew) GF (Seasonal only)



A savory mix of oven baked beef with tomatoes, potatoes, navy beans, chick peas






Beef Shawarma *GF



Tasty strips of beef marinated olive oil and Lebanese spices, cut into thin slices served with creamy garlic sauce




Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food illness